CTH Family Tap Classes

Offered by Maria Usher

Beginning / Intermediate Class: For students with little to no experience (6pm – 6:55pm) In this class students will learn/review the basic tap steps:
●  Step, touch, tap, stomp, stamp
●  Heel drop, heel dig, scuff
●  Flap, shuffle, ball change
●  Hop vs. jump
●  Shim sham
●  Buffalo
●  Irish
●  Single time step
●  Travel steps: flap heel, flap heel heel, flap ball change, grapevine, etc.
●  Lindy

Intermediate / Advanced Class: For students with 2-3 years of experience or more (7pm – 7:55pm) In this class students will learn/review intermediate and advanced tap steps:
●  Variations on Lindy: adding heel drops, triple heels, and more
●  Buffalos with flap and shuffle step
●  Double, triple and triple triple time steps
●  Turns: toe heel, buffalo, flap heel, jump shuffle, flap heel toe heel step brush heel, and more
●  Waltz Clog
●  Pullbacks and Wings
●  Drawbacks & Cincinnati
●  Falling off the log, jump rope, & toe stands (optional)

Classes will take place at Maria’s School of Dance in Fowlerville.
●  Thursday, June 28th
●  Tuesday, July 3rd
●  Wednesday, July 18th
●  Thursday, July 19th
●  Wednesday, July 25th
●  Wednesday, August 15th

Cost: $45 per person for all 6 classes (or $8 per class for drop in)
Family rate: 2 people: $80 3 people: $90
4 or more: $100

Cash, Checks, or Money orders to Maria Usher, due the first class. Drop ins pay $8 per class. Email or call Maria for more information: ariausher@sbcglobal.net 517-404-492