Ways To Donate

To donate, just click below. Thank you so much for providing opportunities for fine arts education and viewing in Livingston County!

PO Box 533
Howell, MI

Gift in memory of the beloved Tom Cali who packed 100 years of fabulous living in 75 years.

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Why Donate to
Community Theatre Of Howell? 

1.      Your donation is tax deductible as CTH is a 501(c)3.

2.      The only family activity that each family member can actively participate in. Little brother is not stuck in the stands doing nothing but eating popcorn and getting bored (hockey). Older sister is not stuck listening to the tuba part of the Star Spangled Banner for the thousandth time (band). If dad does not ever, ever want to put on stage make up, he can build set. If little sister does not want to sing, she can paint the set. Mom can learn tech, brother lights, grandma tap dancing. There is a place for everyone! And don't we need more dancing men in Livingston County?

3.      Keeping participation fees affordable to keep families together. For larger families or families struggling a bit, theatre is the place to be. For a small participation fee (kept low through the generous donations of connoisseurs of the arts like you) participants get voice lessons, dance lessons, public speaking skills, gain confidence, learn building, painting, costume design, tech, and more. Our community needs the arts and really needs community theatre.

4.      To keep ticket prices affordable to all. After we pay the rent for our rehearsal space, storage space, utilities, and other expenses there is not a lot left. We have been able to keep ticket prices low, but some years it is a struggle! Donations allow ticket prices to stay low so all families can enjoy the arts. People need a live theatre and we need to keep it affordable.

5.      Royalties are crazy expensive! When CTH selects a popular Broadway show, we have to pay the publisher A LOT of money! Our patrons love the big, popular shows but our treasurer does not. With ticket prices low, we have to sell a lot to break even. Donations allow for a more diverse selection of shows.

So please donate today! Your name will be listed in our programs for the season.

Coming soon…More benefits of being a CTH Patron of the Arts.