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To begin, read through the different volunteer opportunities on this page. Then you can complete the application process online by clicking on the "ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM" button. If you would like to print the form to complete at home and mail with a check, click the "MEMBERSHIP FORM PDF" button.

If you'd prefer to pay by check, then please download and print the membership form PDF to send with your payment.

If you are already a member and eager to help out. See the volunteer signup for events link below.

Why Volunteer

We are so happy you are interested in Community Theatre of Howell!

Whether you like to be in front of the curtains, behind the scenes, or raising money to support productions or participate in community events, we always welcome new friends. Find your favorite spot below or try something new. You’ll have plenty of support and make lifelong friends.

What Does Volunteering Look Like? 

Performers: Auditions are held for each show. All cast members are volunteers. Aged 6-96 we need people to audition for us. No experience is necessary, just a commitment to attend rehearsals 5 nights per week, follow direction, learn your lines, have tons of fun and make lifelong friends. Time commitment: Rehearsals, performances, photo calls, strike day—as directed. 

Musicians: Occasionally we use live music for the performances.  If you are talented and have experience playing for the public, let us know and we will let you know when we can use your talent. Time commitment: Rehearsals and performance time. 

Directors: Directors lead the artistic vision of the show. They work closely with all cast and crew to coordinate presentation on the stage. This is time consuming work as directors begin planning months ahead of time and have numerous meetings in addition to all rehearsal time.

Producers: Producers work behind the scenes keeping the production organized and on schedule. Producers work with the cast and crew to schedule rehearsals and technical work. Producers manage the budget and coordinate with volunteers doing publicity and ticket sales.

Lights: The lighting technician is trained and supported by the Technical Director of each Production. They assist with hanging lights, run the light board for every performance during their production and man a spotlight, when needed. Hanging lights requires comfort climbing ladders. Running the light board or the spotlight involves followings script cues. Commitment: M-F nightly attendance for the last 2 weeks of rehearsal and 4-4.5 hours per performance.  

Sound: The Sound Technician is trained and supported by the Technical Director of each production. During a performance the sound board operator follows cues, handles stage and body microphones and keeps the sound levels under control. Commitment: M-F nightly attendance during the last 2 weeks of rehearsals and 4-4.5 per performance.

Set Build/Paint: This is usually done weeknights 7p-10p and weekends when necessary and is supervised by a volunteer from each production who is chosen by the production’s Producer. Commitment: As much time as you can spare. 

Costumes: Each show has a volunteer lead and many awesome, fun and talented team members. Costumes may be purchased, rented, built from scratch or from a pattern, or altered from existing clothing. Sometimes all that is needed is a glue gun and your imagination. Great creative outlet! Commitment: As much time as you can spare. 

Props: Each production has a volunteer lead and many interesting and inspired team members. Props are bought, made, obtained from cast or community members or retrieved from our storage areas. During a show the props need to be in the right place at the right time and moved on and off the set at scene changes. Great way to be involved in a production! Commitment: Varies depending upon availability and need. 

House: House lead works with the SHOW'S PRODUCER and volunteer team members to develop a theme for lobby. Creates and collects decorations to support the theme. Manages concessions for sale during intermission. Coordinates sale of show specific items, when applicable. Orients ushers, ensures doors are unlocked 1 hour prior to the performance and makes sure that patrons do not enter the theatre before the doors are opened. Sees that programs are available at the doors. Closes and opens the doors at the intermission. Prepares concessions for intermission. Puts away all decorations after the first weekend’s performance and sets them up again for the second weekend. Once the show is running and everyone is settled, you are welcome to sit and watch the performance. Commitment: Time or delegation of buying concession items prior to opening night, 3 hours prior to both opening nights, 1 hour prior to other performances, help with performance cleanup. 

Concessions: Volunteers make yummy concessions available for patron donations prior to the performance and at intermission. Once the show is running and everyone is settled, you are welcome to watch the performance. Commitment : 1 hour prior to performance/intermission. 

Ushers: Takes tickets at the door, checks that each ticket is for that day’s performance. Gives out programs. Learns the seating in the theatre and takes patrons to their seats if needed. May assist with concession sales prior to the performance and at intermission. Directs patrons to restrooms, quick reaction time needed. Monitors the doors for patrons exiting/entering during the performance. Collect programs as patrons leave. Assist with picking up the auditorium floor once patrons leave. Once the show is running and everyone is settled you are welcome to watch the performance. Commitment : 1 hour prior to the performance /intermission/cleanup. 

Box Office: Beginning at 6:30pm on a performance night (1:00 Sundays) volunteers pull pre-paid/will call tickets and sell tickets to walk up patrons. This requires handling cash, checks and credit card sales. Once the show is running and everyone is settled, you are welcome to watch the performance. Commitment: 1 hour prior to performances. 

Audition Assistance: At auditions, each person fills out paperwork and proceeds through various stations. Help is needed to keep things under control and running smoothly. Commitment : 1 hour before the start of auditions and help with cleanup. 

Green Room Assistance: During our larger and children’s shows we ask parents to do ‘green room duty’. This means staying throughout the show, enjoying the back stage area and working closely with actors, staff and crew, keeping the noise levels down and assisting wherever needed with costumes and make up. They also monitor the stage door to ensure timely entrances. Commitment: Varies depending upon availability and need. 

Corporate Sponsors: Ticket sales alone cannot support performance expenses. Ongoing generous support from the community is needed to keep live theater in Howell. 

Community Involvement: From time to time we seek volunteers to help support community events like BalloonFest parking, running races, build a float for the Fantasy of lights parade, etc.