About the show:  Adapted from the story by Mary Orr, on which the film All About Eve and the hit musical Applause were based, this is an engrossing and revealing “inside” story of life in New York’s theatre world, told in terms of an unscrupulous ingénue’s rise to Broadway stardom. When we first meet Eve Harrington, she is standing in the rain by the stage door of the theatre in which the renowned Margo Crane is starring in her latest long-run hit. Waiting for a glimpse of her professed idol she accosts Karen Roberts, Margo's good friend and the wife of the playwright, Lloyd Roberts, and inveigles an invitation to meet the great actress herself. What happens next is a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and power.

Performance Dates: February 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th at 7:30 PM
Performance Dates: February 5th and 12th at 2:00 PM

Director: Richard Spangler
Producer: Linda Peasley
Tech Director/Lighting Design: Bruce Michel
Stage Manager: Sherry Randall
Set Design/Build: Frank Sorries
Set Dress: Dawn Dunigan
Props: Norman Green
Publicity: Kim Carnahan and Alicia Rider
Makeup and Hair: Donna Yelinek
Costumers: Sherry Phinney & Dolly Varney
Photography: Michael Frank
Lights: Julie Michel
Sound: Michelle Blumenau
House: Cindy Blumenau

MARGOT CRANE - Ashley Cremonte
KAREN ROBERTS - Gillian Frank
EVE HARRINGTON - Lisa Markarian
LLOYD ROBERTS - Brian Bickel
HARVEY - Cody Martin
“TALLY-HO” THOMPSON - Cindy Warren
BERT HINKLE - Joe Morris
LEILA - Becky Hess
VERA FRANKLIN - Anna Stocker