Camp Registration

This video is intended to assist patrons in completing camp registration.

Instructions: Thank you for your interest in CTH's Summer Camps! In order to register you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Read all these instructions first. It might be helpful to watch the video on the right.
  2. Complete a registration form- Please use one of the buttons below to register your child.
  3. You'll need to complete a registration form for each individual child. If you have more children to register, close the form window w/o paying and complete step 1 again for each child.
  4. Pay for camp- Upon registering your last child, please complete the payment process. Make the #campers/camps selection from the pull down menu and click "add."
  5. Add Extra Shirts- You will also need to select the extra shirts from the menu and add them to your shopping cart before you pay.
  6. Check Out- You will be asked to pay via Credit Card through PayPal after you have submitted your last registration form.

We apologize for the inconvenience of registering each child separately. It is necessary to manage the availability of space in each of the camps and getting information to the different people involved with producing this years camps.