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"All In The Timing"

Auditions: May 26th
Performances: July 8th & 9th

This critically acclaimed, award-winning evening of comedies combines wit, intellect, satire and just plain fun. A hilarious sextet whether played together or separately. Like sketched for some hilarious, celestially conceived revue.


Auditions: July 17th
Performances: August 26th & 27th

Catherine has inherited her late father's mathematical brilliance, but is also haunted by the fear that she has inherited his mental illness as well. When Catherine's friend Hal discovers a groundbreaking proof among the hundreds of notebooks, Catherine is forced to face both the genius and madness her father has given her.

Community Theatre of Howell Black Box

What is Black Box?
Black Box Theatre is a smaller indoor performance space that is simple and relatively unadorned. Many have black walls, basic theatre lighting, an open stage, and flexible seating. It offers opportunities for creativity and artistic expression. Black Box shows often create a closer, intimate audience feel and this dimension is used as part of the experience. The CTH Backstage Series will be performed adjacent to the auditorium.